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Welcome to St. Paul Lutheran Church and School

New Video! Top Reasons to Attend St. Paul

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Helping you connect with God,
grow through community &
serve in our world.

As a local church we are a community of everyday people in which Jesus is central to all we do. We seek to embrace our city and nation we live in with the love, hope and goodness of our compassionate and faithful God.


We'd love to meet you!

Join us Sunday mornings for Bible Study and Worship.

Bible Study:  9:00 am
Worship:  10:00 am


Celebrate African American
History Month at St. Paul

Come learn about the life and service of Dr. Rosa Young, the first African American woman to earn a doctorate from the Concordia college system.

February 7--Who is Dr. Rosa Young?
February 14--Rosa's Gifts
February 20--"The First Rosa" Movie Viewing
February 21--Rosa's Work
February 28--Rosa's Education and Potluck Celebration